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Cooling Rays of the Sun

Sunburnt? Here's how you can deal with it. photo credit: griff le riff via photopin cc In case, you didn’t know already, everyone is at risk for getting sun burnt! All races, ages, and ethnicities. Of course true, the darker the skin, the melanin protects you from the sun. However, don’t let that [...]

Natural Ways to deal with Acne

Fighting acne doesn't have to be you!photo credit: Pollobarba via photopin cc The FDA recently released June 25th that over the counter acne products containing benzoyl peroxide and salilycic acid may cause severe allergic reaction including anaphylaxis, hives, and itching ( 1). Although rare, but knowing this, people should try alternative therapies in [...]

Celiac, Could this be you?

Got Celiac?photo credit: Whatsername? via photopin cc For many that don’t know, May is Celiac Awareness Month. Over million Americans have Celiac Disease, that’s 1% of the population, affecting 1/133 people including both men and women of every race. (1) Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the intestinal villa of your [...]

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