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Revive Atlanta MD-Atlanta Functional & Integrative Medicine offers blend of traditional, alternative medicine

    We (Revive Atlanta MD-Atlanta Integrative & Functional Medicine) are excited to be serving the Decatur Community and are grateful for the wonderful feature in Champion Magazine. Check it out! Revive Atlanta MD offers blend of Traditional & Alternative Medicine! (page 13)   

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How My Yoga practice changed during my pregnancy

I have been an avid yogi for over 14 years. I started when I was a sophomore in college when I found out it was "Madonna's go to exercise" Little did I know this exercise would become life transforming and actually significantly part of my daily routine. I attribute yoga helping me get [...]

9 Reasons your body might need a Sugar Detox-including artificial sweetners!

Artificial sweeteners can be toxic to you! Every wonder if you need a sugar detox? Did you know substituting artificial sweeteners can be just as toxic as sugar itself?! Sometimes our body tries to tell us things yet we often ignore it. Check out what I tell Bustle about how artificial sugars [...]