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  Do at home functional test really work? Digestive Struggles are the number one reasons patients see a doctor. There are numerous at home kits that are on the market to help diagnosis gut problems. Check out what Dr. Bindiya has to say about these at home test kits! CHECK OUT ALL THE [...]


  What is the difference between integrative & functional medicine? What is the main difference between Functional & Integrative Medicine? Sometimes patients are confused. Check out what Dr. Bindiya tells Badass Healthy about the difference in both. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FUNCTIONAL AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE?

How Can You Tell If A Health Trend Is Worth The Money? Bindiya Gandhi, MD, Breaks It Down

  Are Health Trends worth spending money on? Are trends worth spending money on? What should you spend money on and what does Dr. Bindiya say about financial wellness? Check out her interview with MindbodyGreen about it. How Can You Tell If A Health Trend Is Worth The Money? Bindiya Gandhi, MD, Breaks [...]

5 Popular Diets that Allow Wine

photo credit: Norio.NAKAYAMA デジカメで撮るワインと料理の写真講座 via photopin (license) When people are on certain diets keto, paleo, Mediterranean or even gluten free; they often wonder what alcohol if any, they can drink.Check out what alcohol Dr. Bindiya recommends to Wine Spectator on how you can still follow your diet and not give up your [...]

Working Mom Interview

Check out my interview with My Inner Shakti Parita about the challenges of being a working mom. It's been a challenging year birthing and nursing my almost 1 year daughter as well as new practice. I am grateful for all my patients who have been patient with me during this transition as well as my family [...]

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Natural Safe Headache Remedies

Curious about what safe natural headache remedies there are out there? Check out what I tell First for Women about one of my secrets involving essential oils! (Click on the image below to read the article in detail)      

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The hormonal constipation link!

The hormonal constipation link and what you need to do about it Constipation is a common problem for many patients, but little do you know that hormones could affect your bowl movements as well.  Is A Hormone Imbalance Causing Your Gut Issues? Here's How Estrogen Is Linked To Constipation

Transform your Fitness in 2019!

Transform your Fitness with Ashley Keefe Want to find out how to quickly and easily add a health punch to your day? Join myself and other fitness, nutrition and mindset experts for this online show hosted by fellow fitness & nutrition expert,Ashley Keefe. We will be breaking down proven strategies and tools [...]