Dealing with Changes in hair as we age.

How do you manage your hair with age? Do so in a healthy way! Rule out Organic Causes First: Many females come into my practice telling me how their hair is thinning and falling out and plead with me on how we can reverse can change it. There are numerous organic reasons why [...]

5 ways to whiten your teeth naturally!

  Whitening my teeth with activated charcoal   Have you over-bleached your teeth s0 they could be sparkling white like I have and now have incredibly sensitive teeth? Well, there's more to whitening your pearly whites than toxic chemicals that can damage your enamel and your gums! Read ahead to learn 5 ways to [...]

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The Surprising Reasons You Get Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles (And 5 Quick Fixes)

  Ever want to know why your eyes are puffy and why you have dark circles? Well, there are many reasons that could be causing it. Learn how to get rid of puffy eyes are dark circles naturally!   cucumbers have great astringent and cooling properties which do wonders for reducing puffy, tired eyes! [...]

Every Bride’s Guide before her wedding!

I recently got married a few months ago. Well, without the help of our vendor friends, and family we would not have made it through. I have been getting asked how I made it through such a stressful time working full time and planning my wedding and remaining sane. Below are the things I did [...]

Winter Skin Care Tips!

Soften your skin this winter!photo credit: quinn.anya via photopin cc Winter have officially arrived! As our heaters go up inside and the air is arid, dry and cold outside our skin tends to remain unhappy. We tend to be drier, scalier and even itchier during this season. Here are some helpful tips to [...]

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Problems with High Protein Diet

Too much protein has it's problems, everything in moderationphoto credit: nemone via photopin cc A lot of people including myself eat diets rich in protein. There’s nothing wrong with eating protein, in fact, many physicians encourage it. The problems with high protein diets come in to play when that’s all you eat. Protein [...]

Learning to Let go and, dealing with Constipation

Everyone has dealt with constipation at some point in the life. It accounts for over 2.5 million annual physician visits a year and over affects 1-30% of children worldwide! (1,2) All the straining can lead to anal fissures,  hemorrhoids which can all be secondary problems. There are a couple things you want to rule out [...]

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Healthy Younger skin at any age Part 2

This is a continuation of our Healthy Younger Skin. Here are some supplements to try. As always, please discuss this with your primary care physician before starting anything new as some of these may interact with medication you’re already taking. Everyone has their favorites, these are mine. 1. Omega 3 has great anti-inflammatory properties. If [...]

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Healthy Younger skin at any age Part 1

Want younger healthy glowing skin; remember you are what you eat! I get asked numerous times, what's the secret to my skin regimen? Genetics? Having a baby face? Maybe. Drinking lots of water, avoiding excess alcohol and smoking, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet all contribute to the beautiful glowing healthy skin I have. [...]

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