How to make essential oils part of your skin care routine!!


My quick Essential Oil Skin Care regimen!


Essential oils are the rage these days; they can help keep you calm and relaxed, improve headaches, nausea, treat bacterial infections as well as improve your skin tone! You can add them to make natural household cleaners, natural deoderizer, and even make person care products out of them. I love using them in my beauty products to achieve the results I want in a natural way without harsh chemical and not breaking the bank!

You can add 5 drop of your favorite essential oil to 1oz of carrier dilution like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, shae butter and even water and this will last up to 5 years!  A little of essential oil goes a long way so you don’t need a lot. This is a cheap, quick way to have naturally, healthy, glowing skin. I have been doing this for a while and I get compliments from patients all the time on my skin. Depending on the result you are trying to achieve, there is a remedy for it with essential oil helping to improve acne, hyperpigementation, dry skin, oily skin and anti-aging to name a few. You want to get your essential oil from a reputable source and make sure it’s 100% organic essential oils.


I like making a spray out of this with water, 3 drops of tea tree, 2 drops of lavender and 3 drops of frankincense. I use this in the morning when I’m prone to breaking out! The tea tree and frankincense have anti-bacterial properties while the lavender is soothing and calming to my irritation inflamed skin.

Scarring/Pigmented Skin:

Frankincense is one of my favorite essential oils if you can get over the smell. It not only is great for acne skin but it’s great for hyperpigmented skin from old acne scars. You can mix 5 drops of frankincense in almond oil carrier and dab a little on the problem areas and voila watch the scars disappear over time! I also like to use lemon and sandlewood essential oil mixing 3 drop of each to shae butter and using it a light lightening cream at night. This really helps brighten up your face.


This is my newest regimen and beauty secret I swear by. I started noticing fine lines appearing on my forehead; the dreading “11” lines and I made this concoction  and boy has it helped a lot. I mix 3 drops of neroli oil and 3 drops of rose oil to a little coconut oil or water base and use this nightly! This definitely will buy you a few years before you start considering botox!

Dry Skin:

I love mixing 5 drops of lavender oil or 5 drops of rose oil with a little avocado or olive oil to help improve dry skin. This can get greasy, so just use a little smidgen and your skin will be soft and smooth.

Oily Skin:

For people who are prone to oiler skin, I recommend using 5 drops of bergamont oil in water. This is really helps soak up excess oil your body naturally produces.

Dull Skin:

This is my favorite concussion; mixing pure vitamin C crystals with rose water (made with 5drops of rose oil and 1oz water) at night for glowing radiant skin. Vitamin C is great for collagen repair and the rose oil is the ultimate anti-aging oil hence it’s pricey nature! The combo will help you look rested, rejuvenated and glowing.


Try this out and let me know how these work out for you!

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