The immune system needs to be in a good working condition to be in good health. If you have a sabotaged immune system, you’ll experience a weak resistance against infections and diseases. This makes you vulnerable and likely to fall ill often.

One of the factors that can lead to a sabotaged immune system is body fat. Excess fat in the body can affect the working of the immune system. It makes you vulnerable to many health problems. Read along to know how body fat can affect the working of the immune system.   

The Problem with Body Fat  

A shocking fact is that nearly one-third of all Americans are obese. Studies show that almost two-thirds of people are overweight, which means they can have excess body fat. This sabotages their immune system and can lead to various health problems.  

So, how do you know you have excess body fat? There are simple ways of determining it:  

  • One indicator is BMI (Body Mass Index). It is effortless to calculate. Find out your weight in kilograms and divide it by your height in square meters. It gives you the BMI.  
  • If the BMI is between 25 and 30, then you are overweight. If the BMI is above 30, you are obese. A BMI of 40+ indicates severe obesity, which is extremely risky for your body.  
  • BMI does not measure fat precisely. You can do it yourself. Check the circumference of your waist using a measuring tape. If it is more than 40 inches (in men) or 35 inches (in women), you have excess fat.  
  • When you find it difficult to see your feet or bend to tie your shoes or climb stairs, then you know you have a problem.  

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Body Fat & The Immune System  

First, let’s understand how the immune system works and defends the body against pathogens and infections. If a virus, bacteria, or a foreign object enters your body, the immune system is activated. The immune system’s first response is to cause inflammation in the cells.

Inflammation helps the cells deal with pathogens and other substances. Cytokines are the proteins the body releases that cause inflammation. It aids the white blood cells to get rid of the pathogens. Inflammation is good because it makes the immune system work well against viruses and bacteria.

Fat cells in the body can cause inflammation, creating problems for you. Inflammation is temporary and wears off once the pathogens are destroyed. The problem occurs when inflammation becomes permanent. The excess calories you consume are stored in the body as fat as reservoirs of energy.  

When you consume excess food and do not exercise correctly, the fat in your body increases, it gets stored mainly in your midriff area, leading to increased belly fat. These fat cells trigger off inflammation, which becomes a permanent feature in the body.  

People with excess body fat are vulnerable to various problems. A permanent state of inflammation is terrible since it keeps the immune system activated. It can sabotage the working of the immune system, causing a lot of problems.

Experiencing irregular inflammation throughout the body is not normal. In such cases, you must seek professional guidance. Contact Dr. Bindiya, a well-known and highly reliable Weight Loss Doctor in Atlanta, for all your body fat, inflammation, and immunity problems.

Obesity & Chronic Conditions  

Obesity has often been linked with chronic low-grade inflammation. The inflammation would lead to various health disorders like:  

Diabetes: Excess blood sugar due to unhealthy food consumption and the inability of the body to process the sugar causes diabetes. It is due to the excess fat that leads to insulin resistance and diabetes. Losing weight can go a long way in making the immune system work well and process sugar better.

Heart problems: This is a severe problem and is one of the biggest killers today. Cytokines produced by fat can affect the arteries. It can lead to increased blood pressure, which strains the heart. Excess fat can also cause clogging of the arteries, leading to a heart attack.  

Viral flu: Increased cytokines in obese people put them at risk when they get the flu, primarily when a deadly variant like Corona affects the body. This is because of the sabotaged immune system. Statistics have clearly shown that obese people are more likely to be hospitalized and face the risk of death.    

What is the Solution?  

If you are overweight, obese, or have excess body fat, you are likely to have a compromised immune system. The only solution to prevent ill-health is to reduce body fat. There is no magic formula to reduce only fat. It would be best to lose weight, whereby fat loss occurs throughout the body.

Here is how you can deal with this problem:     

  • You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle where you stop eating junk food and food that is high in sugar, carbs, and salt.  
  • A balanced diet has to be followed where you eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein food. Fewer carbs and more protein and fiber help the immune system 
  • Reducing your calorie intake and increasing calorie burnt is the best to lose body fat. You need to reduce the portions of food you eat and exercise well.  
  • Exercise can be something as simple as walking, jogging, or cycling. You need to do cardio exercise to keep your heart fit and burn more calories. Weight training, resistance exercise, yoga, aerobics are some exercises that can help you lose fat more efficiently.  

Once you start to lose fat, inflammation reduces, and you can experience better health thanks to a robust immune system.

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Getting Rid of Body Fat  

Weight reduction is good for you since it helps reactivate the immune system. Allowing body fat to remain can expose you to severe risks like diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, heart problems, and even cancer. So, you must work hard to get rid of body fat. If you are overweight and struggle with

You can get in touch with a competent weight loss doctor who can help you lose weight to improve your health. Find a good doctor who can suggest a diet and exercise plan to help you lose body weight. This is the best way to keep your immune system active.

If you or someone you know is struggling with excess weight and often falls sick, it’s highly advisable to consult Dr. Bindiya, a Weight Loss Doctor in Atlanta, to get the best treatment for your body fat problem and immune system.

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