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Should we get your kids back to school?

photo credit: shixart1985 Education about Covid-19. Baby`s hand on small chalkboard. via photopin (license)   There is a lot of consider when thinking about getting our kids back to school during this pandemic. Dr. Bindiya sits down with Fox 5 Atlanta on the Good Day Segment to weigh in. Should we get our kids [...]

Should Schools Close for Coronavirus (COVID-19)? 5 Expert Opinions.

photo credit: davidstewartgets Abc books chalk chalkboard - Credit to via photopin (license) At this point everyone is concerned about how whether school should be closed and how this will affect children, our health and recovery. Check out what Dr. Bindiya and a few other experts as they weigh in on [...]

6 Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy!

As an expecting mama and Integrative & Functional physician the minute I found out I was pregnant, I did enormous amounts of research on foods that I could eat and could not. It was my first pregnancy and I wanted nothing more than to ensure my little growing baby was safe! These are the [...]

Winter Skin Care Tips!

Soften your skin this winter!photo credit: quinn.anya via photopin cc Winter have officially arrived! As our heaters go up inside and the air is arid, dry and cold outside our skin tends to remain unhappy. We tend to be drier, scalier and even itchier during this season. Here are some helpful tips to [...]

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Dealing with Depression Part 2

There are numerous supplements you can incorporate to ease credit: John Twohig Photography via photopin cc   As you know there are many things you can do for depression as seen in the last post. I saved these sections for last as they are extensive and needed special consideration. 1.Nutrition is the [...]

Beware of Germs in Schools

Washing hands is very importantphoto credit: Arlington County School is back in, and doctors offices are already inundated with sick kids! Children from all ages are "catching germs" from their classmates. Your kids don't have get sick! Help boost their immune system and prevent them from "the common cold." 1. Washing hands is a [...]

Tips for Sleepless Night

You don't have to be tired! photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc Insomnia and Difficulty sleeping is a very common compliant by many. Some people experience anxiety and can’t fall asleep, and some can’t fall asleep and that stems anxiety! Nonetheless, not getting enough sleep is not good for your mind, body and [...]