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Is a Plant Based Diet Right For You?

Is a Plant Based Diet Right For You? Modern day diets are very often heavy on meat, dairy, seafood, eggs and preservatives. However, numerous studies have linked the consumption of animal products to the rise in chronic illnesses, from weight-related conditions to cancer. Because of this, some people have opted to reduce or eliminate [...]

Nepal Needs Your Help!

Sacred temples in Bhaktapur ruined by the Earthquake By now many of you know Nepal has been devastated by a massive 7.9 earthquake April 25,2015  as well as aftermath leaving over 2500 people dead and many more injured.  It is going to take a long time for Nepal to recover and recuperate from [...]

Problems with High Protein Diet

Too much protein has it's problems, everything in moderationphoto credit: nemone via photopin cc A lot of people including myself eat diets rich in protein. There’s nothing wrong with eating protein, in fact, many physicians encourage it. The problems with high protein diets come in to play when that’s all you eat. Protein [...]

Be a Well Informed & Educated patient!

Be a smart ans well informed patient when it comes to your health! photo credit: nayrb7 via photopin cc   Patients have become more educated and are well informed these days when it comes to their health care and medical needs. Your relationship with your physician is a special and important one. There [...]

Cooling Rays of the Sun

Sunburnt? Here's how you can deal with it. photo credit: griff le riff via photopin cc In case, you didn’t know already, everyone is at risk for getting sun burnt! All races, ages, and ethnicities. Of course true, the darker the skin, the melanin protects you from the sun. However, don’t let that [...]