Work on improving yourself with an emotional detox in December so you can have a fresh start this new year!

Work on improving yourself with an emotional detox in December so you can have a fresh start this new year!

As this year ends and we reflect on our lives this past year, I encourage you to work on a few things so you can move forward and into the New Year with a new perspective. Often we get caught up in situations, we may feel disappointing or discouraged with how things are turning out and we need to learn to let go and move forward with an new outlook. As December has started and a winter is amongst us, take a few minutes to let go of the past, this year and work on improving yourself this next month so the universe can grant you what you need this upcoming year!

Forgive yourself & others
Firstly, you must learn to forgive yourself first. We have all made mistakes and we have all  hurt someone; whether intentionally or unintentionally.  You have to learn to let that go so you can move on. You also have to learn to forgive others no matter how they hurt you. That phase of your life is now over, and now you must close that chapter by releasing all that negative energy and sliding to a new beginning. Of course, both are easier said than done, but what a relief and how much lighter you’ll feel when you’re free from ties and bondage. My favorite way to do this often is by doing a traditional Tibetan Meditation on Love and Kindness as well as forgiveness. You can read this in The Tibetan Book of Meditation by Lama Christie McNally.

Love yourself!
You need to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Again there are some parts of you that you may not like, but if you dwell on them, you will only remain in a negative standstill position. You need to learn to let these things go and learn to love yourself wholeheartedly! When you truly can do this, magical things will happen for you.  Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and repeatedly say “I love you,” “I am worth it, ” “I love myself”! Then, when you find yourself being critical or harsh, remember that mantra and repeat it throughout the day.

Remain compassionate
Working on kindness and compassion takes a lot of strength from within. There are times when we ourselves are irritable and  unhappy with our situation. But, we all have it within us, we just need to realize it and show others our true kindness and extra compassionate nature. When you can be loving to others that’s beautiful, and the universe will give you what you need at the right time. Remember, how you treat others is a true reflection of who and how you are within. If you are unable to work on being compassionate, start by being compassionate to yourself first and go back to learning to love yourself. A good way to remain compassionate is by thinking, how would I like to be treated in this situation and your inner kindness will shine through!

Stay Grounded
Always remember to stay grounded. Regardless of what is going around you and how hectic life may seem and be; you have to stay levelheaded and grounded to get through it all. Mark your territory, and embrace what is in front of you. A nice way to do this, as elementary as it sounds, is to take your shoes off and place your flat bare feet on the ground and just feel the warmth or the coolness of the floor beneath you. It’s actually very therapeutic. Another way to do this is remembering to breath and being mindful of what you are actually doing.

Be Humble
My grandparents always told me no matter how much money you have, no matter where you are in life and no matter what you’re doing in life, you always have to remain humble. There is always someone off that is worse than you are and always someone that is doing better than you are. There is no need to compare yourself, just always be humble. This is a very important concept. Just as fast as you may attains things, is as fast as you can lose them. The holidays are a great time to partake in helping the less fortunate. So take an afternoon to feed the homeless, donate canned goods and toys, maybe even adopt a family this holiday and share your wealth. There are many ways you be charitable and show your humble, loving, kind nature this season!

Work on attachment
In this technology era, we are attached to way too much including materialistic, unnecessary THINGS! How often do we get upset when we lose something. Well, it was never ours to keep! We need to learn to detach from materialistic and physical things as well as people! We also need to separate ourselves from situations, people, and life. We, ourselves, including our higher-selves and soul need to be free. We also need to let others be free so they can not only move on, but we too can move on as well. By remaining attached, we are not reaching our full potential and we are inhibiting ourselves subconsciously. Start, by take a week off of social media, and leaving your phones behind. Maybe, even try doing things by yourself more just to remain light and free.

Become fearless
Last but not least, you have to let go of any fears that you may have and take a leap of faith and jump forward. Figure out what is holding you back from that new job, promotion, moving to a new city, getting married etc. Come to terms with it and moved forward. The minute you remain fearless and stop over analyzing everything, the world is truly your oyster and the possibilities are endless! So try something you have never done before without hesitation and do things that make your stomach jump. Go on that long flight that you normally wouldn’t do, and try foods you normally wouldn’t eat. Step out of your comfort zone and watch miraculously things happen with a fearless “Beyonce” attitude!

Hoping and wishing you all well this holiday season in hopes for a healthy more happier you in the new year. Much Love & Light—Dr. B.

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