This is a continuation of our Healthy Younger Skin.

Here are some supplements to try. As always, please discuss this with your primary care physician before starting anything new as some of these may interact with medication you’re already taking. Everyone has their favorites, these are mine.

1. Omega 3 has great anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re not allergic to fish and are able to take it, you will see the results instantly. I have been taking omega 3 for over 5 years and when I skip a few days I can see it my face. A recent study showed that taking omega 3 can help with preventing inflammation and degenerative changes associated with binge drinking.

2. Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant in case you want more from your diet. Studies have shown it’s beneficial in helping fasting blood glucose in patients with Diabetes and helps regular insulin spikes. Combining this with Vitamin C, which is another potent anti-oxidant and great for the immune system, will  help your skin look healthy and younger. Be cautious and talk to your primary care provider if you’re prone to kidney stones because additional Vitamin C can exacerbate this.

3. I’m a big tumeric fan. The rich yellow Indian pigment has great anti-inflammatory properties and is great after a night of eating high carb, high sodium rich foods as well as alcohol.

4. Resveratrol found in red wine has been known for years to reverse anti-aging. Although you need to drink more than 100 glasses of red wine to see the difference. This rich antioxidant is great for healthy looking skin. There are also numerous anti-aging skin care products that incorporate this extract for more youthful skin.

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