Want younger healthy glowing skin; remember you are what you eat! I get asked numerous times, what’s the secret to my skin regimen? Genetics? Having a baby face? Maybe. Drinking lots of water, avoiding excess alcohol and smoking, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet all contribute to the beautiful glowing healthy skin I have. This is a not new info, I’m just presenting it with a twist. Both Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Nicholas Perricone have talked about this in depth, so I pay homage to the anti-aging, skin care gurus who have paved this way before me.

1. Get your beauty sleep.

There’s a reason you age 10 years when you have a baby! You’re sleeping less and your face and body show it. There’s no secret to feeling and looking refreshed after a good 7-8hours of sleep.  Any more than that and your body is just as exhausted as if you only got 3 hours of sleep. Remember, you can’t make up your sleep, so once its lost it’s gone forever so start snoozing in more!

2. Adjust your diet

Avoid sugar, and refined carbs. This is another important concept I strongly recommend you follow. Eating carbs is not the problems, but you have to know what your body needs. Excess sugar really take a toll on your skin. You’re prone to more wrinkles,acne, redness and puffiness. This is obvious after you indulge in a high carb night, the next morning your face is angry. Instead, get your Fiber fix on! Eat fiber rich foods, it’s not only great for your gut, but you’re nutritiously helping prevent high cholesterol and Diabetes at the same time. The American Diabetic Associations recommends 35g/day.

Incorporate healthy fats like organic virgin coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. Our body needs healthy fats to function. The once “Low fat” diet craze has aged us beyond our years and many people have become obese and insulin resistant because of it. Adding couple tbsp a day to smoothies, salads, and cooking with it can all help your skin. Avoid soybean oil, vegetable canola oil, and peanut oil if you can.

Sodium is not your friend; you retain water weight and look puffy. Take a look at your face a day after you’ve been eating processed high sodium foods and compare how you feel. You probably feel sluggish and your eyes are puffy. Sodium is one of my weaknesses; I see it on my face when I give in and indulge in things I shouldn’t. Just eliminate sodium for a couple days and re-hydrate with some H20 or coconut water you’ll see the puffiness and fatigue clear up within a day!

Trade in your coffee for green tea which has more polyphenols and less likely to give you GI issues. It will also have a positive impact on your face. This is why, many skin care products are all adding green tea as an active ingredient in them. Theonine in green tea also helps elevate moods. Studies have shown coffee although beneficial for your metabolism, also increases cortisol levels all which contribute to weight gain (1).

Eat lean protein. If you’re vegetarian there are many vegetarian alternatives that you can try incorporating, like healthy nuts, quinoa, and lentils. Limit soy, because they’re controversial data linking it to increased estrogen production. Fresh fish like salmon and tuna are great because you get your omega fatty acid fix as well as wholesome protein. Again, avoid nitrogen based deli meats and sausages with fillers.

Try juicing. Indulge in antioxidant rich foods, that’s the key “secret ingredient” in all anti-aging skin products. I can’t stress this enough. Eat colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables about 6-8servings/day. Add fruit to your yogurt, and salad. Mix some veggies in your juice, before you know it you’ll see how great your skin looks. The more high antioxidant foods you eat the better you’ll feel and even reverse father time. Instantly in a couple days people will wonder what your secret new face lotion is!

Avoid alcohol, drink red wine instead. This is another obvious thing I can see in my face the next day if I’ve been drinking. Again, just like sodium and refined carbs it goes straight to your face. You’re more puffier, look fatigue and worn out, dehydrated and skin starts to sag. All these things make you look older and in fact, age you faster! If you enjoy a drink here and there change your cocktail to red wine. The resveratrol and antioxidants will actually reverse the signs of aging than cause to you age faster with vodka or rum. I’m not even go into my “No Smoking” rants. The evidence is blatant and out there. If this is one of your vices even occasionally it needs to stop. Smoking ages you faster than anything alone!

3. Stay hydrated!

This isn’t a secret. My mother has been preaching this since I was in her womb! This is one of her “secrets” to anti-aging. The less moisture your face has the faster you will age. This concept goes the same as making sure you have a good spf rich moisturizer you use during the day. Photo aging damages the skin faster allowing wrinkles to be more visible and defined. Wear a hat if you’re out during the day, and protect your skin. A summer’s glow is beautiful but leathery burnt tan is not! You can ditch the spf at night and make sure your moisturizer is richer and thicker. I personally favor Egyptian Magic Cream. I’ve been using it at night for years and I swear it has helped with my complexion, acne scaring as anti-aging, but I’m sure you can experiment and find something that best suits you.

4. Exercise moderate exercise 150min/week or 75min of high intensity exercise/week

If you want that natural glow, check your face out after you come back from a run, then get ready to go out. You will look ravishing! Don’t skip your workout because you are going to go out. Even squeezing in a 10min strength training session will increase capillary blood flow to your face reversing the signs of aging. Exercises also releases endorphins which makes you feel great and accomplished so you can tackle on the world.

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