Travel tips this Holiday Season

Travel tips this Holiday Season

July 4th weekend is upon us and many of you will be traveling, relaxing and spending time with family. Traveling can easily become hectic and throw you off your schedule and routine. Here are my favorite traveling and healthy holiday tips!

1.Don’t skip a Work out

Just because “you’re on vacation” doesn’t mean you can let yourself go. If you are used to waking up early to go for a morning run, do exactly that on your vacation. If your hotel has a gym, you can always get up early to work out hard. I always take my yoga mat when I travel and will get in some yoga asanas (poses) in my hotel room. It rejuvenates me and does not through my schedule too off kilter.

2.Don’t drink your Calories

This is the number one advice I give my patients; don’t waste your daily caloric intake on sodas, sweet teas, iced coffees, frappuccino, processed fruit juices high in fructose corn syrup and alcoholic beverages. This includes diet drinks and fake sugars as this can trick your brain into thinking you’re really getting sugar causing an insulin surge making you to crave more sweets! Avoid it all together. I used to be a big diet coke addict about 10 years ago and I kicked the bad habit cold turkey, so can you! Be sure to stay hydrated during this warm heat especially when traveling as you can easily become dehydrated especially when flying. For those of you running holiday races, don’t forget to hydrate before, during and after a race so you don’t get drained.

3.Go Green

Whether you’re barbecuing or enjoying a picnic lunch by the lake with the family, include some vegetables to your dishes like cucumber and celery to munch on. Also add a homemade cabbage coleslaw with broccoli and nuts. There are numerous fresh summer time vegetables and fruits that you can include in your diet. Make a fresh kale salad with avocados, mangoes, walnuts and an olive oil dressing. Take advantage of the produce this season. Don’t forget to get your 6 servings of fiber rich vegetables a day to make sure you stay regular while you’re away from home.  Also, packing healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and protein bars are always the way to go when you are traveling.  It’s much cheaper and healthier than buying fast food at busy congested airports. You never want to be left hungry without healthy snack options because that is when you are more likely to eat unhealthy, processed, fried foods that is readily available to you.

4.Laugh with your Loved ones!

Spend lots of time with your loved ones; making memories and laughing. These times are precious and enjoying family moments not only nourishes your heart, but also your soul.

Safe Travels and have a happy 4th! — Dr B

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