This is my favorite time of the year, however from now until New Years it’s easy to gain extra lbs with all the sweets lying around. In fact, the average American gains about 5lbs during this time and often in the new year find it hard to lose if they’re not aware about it. Here are some healthy safe Halloween tips for you and your family!

Don’t Deprive yourself!

Enjoy the candies and chocolates you love and then share the rest! Same goes with your kids. Let them have ONE but then take the rest away and give them away to friends and family. Children often consume an extra 3000 calories during this time which can make them hyper, anxious and irritable. Let them have their favorite so they feel special but be sure to ration the rest!

Be sure to burn the extra excess calories!

Encourage to kids to be active and go play out side verse indulging in candy and then playing video games or on their ipad. Make some time to go for a walk, throw a ball around or even play fetch with your little dog! The weather is perfect and this way both you and your little one are getting some extra exercise.

Don’t forget to brush and floss after eating sugary treats!

This is a big one, even us adults are bad about brushing at night and flossing. Be sure to make an extra few minutes to brush your teeth and floss so you can prevent cavities and tooth decay!

Give out healthier treats 

Try giving healthier candies out to kids in your neighborhood. My philosophy is if it’s in the house, someone will eat it. So it’s better to not even buy the “bad” candy. Give out clementines, granola bars, fruit snacks, trail mixes, coloring books, stickers, erasers, and small knick knacks to kids instead. Their parents will love you for it!

Enjoy Family time

Holidays are fun and it’s important to cherish these moments with your loved one. Make some time to spend with your children and loved one. These moments go by fast and it’s important to be present and mindful and enjoy the blessing you have been given because life is always constantly changing.

Wishing you and your Family a Safe and Happy Halloween from our little Family!! Love and light–Dr. B

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