If Wishing co uld make you thin then incorporating these tips will help you keep it off!

If Wishing co uld make you thin then incorporating these tips will help you keep it off!

Often we have an unhealthy relationship with eating. A lot of time you’re “dieting” avoiding certain foods and then binging because you haven’t eaten it in a while. Here are some healthy suggestions so you can enjoy eating again and doing it in a manner which will benefit you and your body.

1. Eat Mindfully

Don’t eat when you’re upset, angry or stressed out. When you’re eating, just do that, don’t do anything else. Often, I’m guilty of this, eating at my desk trying to finish some work while I’m sending emails, talking on the phone and completing paperwork. Another bad habit I have is eating in the car! This is unacceptable. You should eat in silence and concentrate on the food you’re eating and the nutrients you are putting in your body. Not only will you eat less, but you’ll be full faster. You’re also less likely to get GI upset because you’re not stressed out and releasing excess stress hormone (cortisol) levels!

2. Eat slowly 

This is also another important concept. Don’t rush and scarf down food. Take small bites and chew your food slowly. Savor the flavors, the spices the aromas you’re eating. This puts you in a relaxed state while eating. Eating slowly also helps decreased cortisol levels putting you in a relaxed state making you less likely to gain extra weight (1).

3. Eat out less

We live in a society where we are always on the run and eating nutritiously is often left behind. Know what you’re putting in your body, the ingredients, spices etc. That’s why I recommend eating out no more than 2-3x/week. It’s easy to eat out every day. By doing that, you don’t always know what you’re ingesting like processed foods, toxic chemicals, excess sodium to name a few. I always try to pack a lunch.  That way, I know what I’m eating and I’m saving money at the same time! You’ll not only learn to enjoy cooking and become great at it but you’re also more likely to eat healthier when you do this.

4. Give thanks to each meal you ingest 

It’s always a good idea to give grace and be thankful for the food you have in front of you. My husband and I do this every time we eat. We are very fortunate we get three nutritious meals a day so we should always be grateful for what is in front of us.  Often, we take this for granted in our culture and society when we are very privileged.


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