How do you manage your hair with age? Do so in a healthy way!

How do you manage your hair with age? Do so in a healthy way!

Rule out Organic Causes First:
Many females come into my practice telling me how their hair is thinning and falling out and plead with me on how we can reverse can change it. There are numerous organic reasons why your hair could be falling out like an autoimmune condition like alopecia, an acute dermatitis or infection, or an acute stress reaction. Always consult your doctor when it comes to hair loss. They need to rule organic causes that could come into play. There are also many hormones that can affect hair like a thyroid imbalance, estrogen deficiency (mainly see in post-menopausal females) or androgen excess seen in female pattern baldness. There is also a genetic component seen in my male patients. Once your doctor identifies some of these things and manages it; regaining hair growth is likely.

Medications can cause you to lose your hair, so discuss this with your doctors. These include birth control pill, chemotherapy, anti-depressants to name a few. So be sure to check what you’re putting your body!

Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss including zinc deficiency, iron, protein to name a few. Your doctor can check for these tests in your blood. You may also be eating the “wrong” types of foods like gluten and dairy. Doing a 21 day elimination diet helps identify some of these foods. Be sure you’re eating a diet rich in protein of at least 60g/day which will help your hair flourish and grow. Also, eating a diet rich in essential fatty acids as well as healthy fats is imperative for your hair to grow and stay strong! Check out my article on how to fixes your hair issues naturally through diet.

How do you handle your hair?
Do you wash your hair every day, if so with what products? Do you dye your hair, what dyes do you use, with or without harsh chemicals. You want to use sulfate free, paraben and phthalate free products as they are linked to breast cancer and hormone disruption. Sulfates are what gives your shampoo’s lather that you don’t need. Do you blow dry your hair, if so how often? What about curling and styling your hair using different gels and products? These all can play apart in why your hair is falling out!! Be sure to watch these toxins and try to not use heating tools on your hair every day. This causes your hair to be brittle and break.

Manage Stress:
Every time you go through any major life changes you will notice you will lose more hair than you would like. What are you doing to manage your stress? Stress also affects hair loss including child birth as well as a drop in estrogen levels. Acute trauma, illness, or even emotional stress can cause acute hair loss; which often regrows after the stressful period has passed. Yoga, meditation, reiki, massage therapy are all good ways to help you stay relaxed and remain stress free when life can be hectic.

Massage it out:
This is one of my favorite things to do or rather have done! Scalp massages are very therapeutic, relaxing and great for stimulating your hair to grow! You can use coconut oil, almond oil or even amla oil and spend a few minutes massaging to invigorate your scalp. My grandmother used to do this all the time. You can also use essential oils like lavender, and chamomile for a more relaxing feel to your massage and tea tree if you have dead skin or dandruff you want to get rid of!

French Twist it:
This is my mom’s favorite answer to dealing with thinning hair; make a braid! If your hair is pulled back you’re less likely pulling and playing with it. Most people when they’re anxious or nervous, play with their hair. When you pull your back, you’re less likely to do this. Also sleep in braids, you wake up with waves making you less likely to use blow dryers, straighter and other harmful tools.

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