Cheers to a great New Years! photo credit: markStephan via photopin cc

Cheers to a great New Years!
photo credit: markStephan via photopin cc

1. Worry less, meditate more.
Stop worrying! Worrying gets you nowhere! Learn to let a lot of things in your life go. You don’t have a lot of control of many things anyway. Try incorporating meditation, just a few minutes a day could make a big difference in your life and you’ll start dealing with stress differently.

2. Don’t compare your lives to other people
Unfortunately many people are social medial junkies and live vicariously through the lives of many including friends and family. The downside to this is you start comparing your life to theirs. STOP! You are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. The more you do that, the less happier you’ll be, and less likely you’ll be able to accomplish the things you want to do! You don’t know what other people are actually going through. What you see through social media is usually what they want to you see, sometimes a facade. I highly encourage you detox from social media for a week and see how different your mindset will be!

3. Watch less TV, read more!
I actually don’t watch much TV. The only time I watch TV is when someone else is with me watching it. Honestly, there’s just a lot of junk of TV from reality TV shows to non-stimulating TV shows. Make a point to consciously watch less TV this year new and instead read more. There are tons of information on topics we know little about. Whatever you interests are, be sure to divulge more in it. At the end of the day, knowledge is power!

4. Focus more on the present Moment
Learn to live more in the present moment. You can do this through a waking meditation. Learning to be mindful in the mundane things you take for granted. It can be therapeutic and healing to your soul. Do this every time you eat, wash your clothes, shower etc and you’ll realize over time your focus is on the present moment. You’ll start appreciating life more and not take the simple things for granted.

5. Less is more
Learn to de-clutter this year new! Get rid of things you don’t use, give it away to people who may need it, donate it or even sell it! Don’t buy things you don’t need or have no use for. Be practical and wise with how you spend your money. Feng Shui theory recommends getting rid of old chi or energy to make room for the new!

Wishing you and Your family a Very Happy New Years! Much love & light to all!!–Dr. B

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