Avocado toast, eat or it or avoid it?

Every year we are inundated with the latest health trends from products claiming to reverse aging to diets that will help you lose weight instantly and workouts that will give your your 21 year old body back. Sometime these trends are worth trying and other times they need to be avoided.  There many super food which are full of antioxidants and many health claims, however anything excessive is never a good idea. Check out below the top 4 Health trends that you should reconsider that tout marvelous claims before you become a victim to mass marketing ploy!

  1. Stop trying to find the “best diet” for you! There is no one diet fits all for people. Whether it’s ketogenic, paleo, Raw vegan, gluten free etc. You have to find the right diet and lifestyle for you individually. What works for one person may not work for another. Also, every body, genetic make up, healthy condition, Ayurvedic dosha, Chinese constitution, blood type, food intolerance and allergies are all different for every single person. People going on extreme diets to attain short term goals do not work in the long run. Learn to maintain a healthy diet for your body type and stick to that because results with be lasting and keep you happy and not deprived in the long run. Talk to an integrative and functional medicine physician to find the best individual nutrition plan for you without sacrificing your taste buds, wallet and your yo-yoing waist line.
  2. Extreme workout and boot camps are overrated! Exercising too much or too intensely can effect your hormones negatively, impair your immune system, cause dehydration as well as cause you to lose essential vitamins and nutrients if you are not repleting yourself enough. Extreme exercises is not a good idea for people who suffer with adrenal exhaustion, and chronic stress. In fact, marathon runners always tend to stay sick because their immune system is impaired due to the chronic stress caused by excessive long runs. Find the right balance of workout and learn to replace you nutrient content that you have lost.
  3. Avoid super fruit juice everything! Claiming to be great at everything from “detoxing, boosting your immune system, burning fat and helping with weight loss etc.” Avoid them! Eat your colorful veggies instead throughout the day. Don’t waste calories on drinks even if they say full of antioxidants. (You don’t even know how much you’re actually even getting in there) Make a home made juice if you’re craving something like that with 3 veggies and one fruit. Often fruit juices are full of sugar, still processed with chemical and ingredients that we should be avoiding anyway. This also goes for water infused with everything. They are also full of empty calories and the claims made are just that, claims! Make your own water infusion blend instead by adding berries, cucumbers, lemon instead if you can’t stomach plain boring water.
  4. Avocado Toast Everything can be extreme! As much as I love avocados and toast, this trendy instagram photoed breakfast takes longer to make and can easily add up in calories. Avocados are healthy fats and 1/5 of an avocado is calories. When you make avocado toast you’re probably eating the whole avocado which is about 225 calories then adding eggs, whole wheat toast and all your other topics. Your typical “healthy breakfast” can make you sneak in over a whopping 500 calories and that doesn’t even include your sides! Be mindful what you see is healthy and what you think is trending because it may not be the best for you!

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