How does traffic affect you?

How does traffic affect you?

A 2013 article in the Atlantic stated Americans spent over 38 hours stuck in traffic a year! Atlanta has been in the top 10 cities of worse traffic in the last few years just behind Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Boston to name a few. Studies show commuters are more likely to experience more stress resulting in elevated blood pressure, anxiety, depression and even obesity all which take years off of your life! I have come to terms with this situation since I doubt people will all stop driving at once. Instead of getting aggravated and annoyed at the traffic situation, I have come up with some ways to deal with traffic a little better and this has made me enjoy my commute!

Accept it and let it go!
You’re not going anywhere so there’s no point in trying to fight the situation.Often when I realize I’m going to be stuck bumper to bumper I’ll feel myself tense up immediately, and I feel myself cursing under my breath. I mostly carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders anyway so being stuck in traffic and ruminating on it doesn’t help the situation. Now, I have learned there’s not much I can do. So, when I see this. I just smile, inhale observe and let it go. Once I realize this and shift my attitude and mindset, traffic doesn’t bother me and I can carry on with my day peacefully.

Be Mindful
I love paying attention to other drivers and passengers. I have been doing this since childhood. It always amazes me what my fellow drivers are going through. So every time I see a distressed driver, I bless them and wish them well. In fact, this has also made me become more of an aware driver. I am more mindful to my fellow drivers like myself, and actually a lot nicer letting people go ahead of me. Getting uptight, cutting people off and not letting them go before you doesn’t help ease your tension and you’re more at risk for getting into motor vehicle incidents. I can recall times when I would drive and have not realized how I got home because it was so monotonous that I wasn’t paying attention to actually driving. It’s actually scary to think other people are doing the same, so learn to pay a little more attention and be more mindful to your driving situation.

Listen to Podcast
I have learned to listen to different podcast and ted talks so I can educate and better myself. I have learned a lot listening to these talks and radio shows inspiring me to remain peaceful and indulge in my passion of functional medicine. Maybe listening to someone inspiring will also inspire you to follow your dream and reach your potential. (Please start the podcast before you even start driving)

Dance it out!
When you realize you’re not going anywhere. Turn the music up and just dance. Ask my husband, you’ll often find me jamming to music all by myself making the best of the situation. I’m sure other drivers think I look crazy but next time you’re stuck in traffic and see me jamming, maybe you’ll be doing it with me too!

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