Life was great, I had been married for over a year and my husband and I finally made the ultimate decision to start growing our family. I had everything going great, I was a successful Family Medicine doctor working in a large practice,I had just completed my Integrative medicine fellowship, had been raising a puppy for a year, had done a lot of traveling and well clearly time for a family was the next thing off our check list. Well let’s just say getting pregnant didn’t happen as easy as I imagined. I mean how hard could it be? I was a doctor, I delivered tons of babies in residency;  surely it was as easy! I mean teenage moms were getting pregnant after one time, I was in my early 30’s, financially stable, extremely healthy, mentally ready and well where was my baby?! I had my whole life planned out and not conceiving a baby at the time I wanted to was NOT part of the plan. Check out the rest of this article The Mental Shift That Helped This Doctor Get Pregnant When Nothing Else Would