Here is an easy Golden Milk Latte Recipe after talking about it on CBS46 this morning! It really helps ease cold and flu symptoms and it tastes delicious!

Try this Golden Milk Latte to help ease your cold symptoms


-1 cup milk (preferable coconut, almond, hemp, soy or other non diary product because dairy is a mucogenic)
-1tsp turmeric powder

-grate ginger to your liking

-1 tablespoon manuka honey (great for boosting the immune system)

Boil milk, turmeric and ginger all together. Strain it out, and then add the Manuka honey when your latte has cooled down a little. You want to make sure it’s not to hot when you add the honey otherwise you won’t reap all the health benefits of the Manuka honey! Enjoy warm and maybe share!:)

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