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Genius Ways To Be Healthy On A Budget 

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Genius Ways To Be Healthy On A Budget During This Pandemic. 

Eating healthy can be hard, frustrating and expensive according to many of my patients, even more so during a pandemic. Stress and being home doesn’t’ help the snacking. People are always asking me for tips on ways they can save money but still eat organic, Non-GMO, less processed, fresh whole grains, vegetables and fruit. This is more important now than ever because we want to keep our immune system healthy. I always remind everyone lifestyle changes are free and go a long way because it’s a way of life vs a temporary “diet.”  Sleeping more, exercising, meditation and eating better are all “free” things you can do every day to enhance your quality of life. Small changes make a dramatic difference. These are my favorite tips to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle during this pandemic

1.Shop locally & frequently
Many local farmers get together and sell their produce weekly at a community market. You can also try larger farmer’s market as well. I encourage you to buy fresh produce frequently as needed like Europeans do instead of once a week grocery shopping. That’s how my grandparents did their shopping in India; they went to the market, bought local fresh fruits and vegetables and cooked only enough without left overs. You will waste less food because food won’t spoil and will save more money when you don’t throw food away. It’s an inconvenience to our lifestyles today to go to the grocery store frequently, but you will save more money and eat fresh, healthier foods if you do so.

2.Buy seasonal foods.
Seasonal vegetables and fruits are a great way to diversify your diet throughout the year and can be very cost effective. It also forces many to go outside of their normal routine recipe ideas. Diversity in food is also important because diversifying your diet help diversify your microbiom which is important so you body doesn’t get used to any particular foods in detail. This also helps prevent any food sensitivities from developing.

3.Follow EWG!
Look at Environmental Working Groups (EWG) for the“The Dirty Dozen”  and “Clean 15”  foods to help you pick healthy food options. They even have an app you can download to your smart phone to make it convenient for you when you’re shopping! I also like Good Food on a Tight Budget. You can also download the pdf  with recipes and shopping list guides. They also include a $5 meal/day shopping guide and meal prep. It really makes it easy for novices to start eating clean and healthy economically.

4.Bulk Buying
Buy your foods in bulk and store them appropriately so you have it longer. You can save a lot of money when you do this for things you commonly use like oatmeal, nuts, coffee etc. I’m a big fan of this personally because saving a few dollars here and there really adds up in the long run!

5.Meal Prep 
Plan meals in advance this way you buy what you need and waste less. Meal prepping can be hard and time consuming, but if you prepare in advance, you’re more likely to stick to your healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank. For me personally, keeping healthy snacks ready is key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

6.Download Fitness Apps

You can get big bank for your buck by tracking your fitness progress with apps like myftinesspal. There are also other fitness apps and live stream workout you can now do at the convenience of your own home. This is genius and win win for moms like myself because you try to squeeze in workouts when we can (while the baby is sleeping). Many celebrity trainers all have fitness apps and live stream work outs you can do like Tracey Anderson, Body by Simone, Brooke Burke Body, Alexa Jean Ftiness, and Anna Kaiser. A lot of big fitness studios offer live stream classes as well like Peloton, Barre 3, and Core Power yoga to name a few. Some of your favorite boutique workouts studios are now offering zoom classes so take advantage of that while you’re at home.

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