So June 1st is tomorrow and we are starting our gluten-free elimination diet challenge. Below are sample menu items for breakfast, lunch and diner including snacks. Ideally, you want to try this for 21 days and then slowly reintroduce gluten into your diet. However, since it’s harder for most people to adjust we are going to do this a week at a time. Start off the first 5 days by eliminating gluten. Remember, to read labels and you can always google search or ask me if you are not sure if gluten is anything particular. Some gluten sources are in soy sauces, and other sauces made with wheat, some gravy’s as well. Also be sure to read medications and supplements labels for hidden gluten. Any
natural flavoring ingredients usually have gluten as well as beer and most alcohol except potato vodka, wine, champagne, rum and tequila. Ladies, don’t forget your cosmetic and skin care products, you’ll be surprised to see what they add in there. If it’s a topical derivative of Vitamin E, there’s gluten in it! Be sure to mix and match the options below for great gluten free meal ideas. So, don’t forget to tell your friends, and family members. Once they notice how great you feel they’ll want to try it to.  Tag your picture on instgram to #drbindiyamd #drbgfchallenge and myself @drbindiyamd and let me know how you’re doing.

Gluten-Free Turkey Bacon, nitrite free and eggs are my favorite way to start the day. Full of protein, healthy fats which leave me full and energized the whole day!

Gluten-Free Turkey Bacon, nitrite free and eggs are my favorite way to start the day. Full of protein, healthy fats which leave me full and energized the whole day!


Always start your day with breakfast, and I encourage you to make it protein rich! It will keep you full all morning and get you energized as your day begins!

Option 1: GF high protein, low carb shake, with berries, and coconut oil for added extra healthy fats. This is my go to breakfast when I’m rushed and on the go.

Option 2: Eggs, bacon and fruit. Eating the whole yolk is good and high in many iron, b12, and Vitamin A. This is my favorite breakfast, and usually brunch!

Option 3: Boiled eggs, apple and handful of almonds. This is also great for food on the go especially when traveling. It’s also easy to pack and carry.

Option 4. Rice Cakes with Almond Butter. When you’re craving something salty and sweet. This is full of fiber and protein keeping you full and happy all day.

Option 5. Steel cut oatmeal or quinoa flakes with flax seeds and berries. This is another one of my go to breakfast items when I’ve got time to prepare it right. It’s full of antioxidants, fibers and rich in omega3. I like to sprinkle a little walnuts for added protein and omegas also.

option 6.GF brown rice cereal with almond milk and bananas. This is great when you’re craving old school cereal and milk, but a little healthier. So, you don’t feel so deprived of your favorite foods.


Grilled Chicken salad for lunch is high in protein and full of greens to satisfy your appetite!

Grilled Chicken salad for lunch is high in protein and full of greens to satisfy your appetite!


I’m fortunate enough to get lunch careered by pharmaceutical reps who bring me gluten-free options which usually consist of a lot of salad and grilled meat. But for days they don’t, I always try to bring lunch from home. The majority of my lunches are left over meals from the night before that I have made or my mother-in-law has made.

Option 1: Mixed salad with chicken. Most restaurants and fast food places have this but be sure the chicken is grilled and let them know to prepare it gluten-free for you.

Option 2: GF sandwhich with GF deli-meats and apple. Make sure the deli meat is nitrite free as well. This lunch is something you can pack your kids as well. Sometimes, I’ll pack a PB&J, but make it with almond butter and jelly when I’m craving more carbs.

Option 4: Left over  diners are great lunch options, so don’t waste your food. Make enough diner to eat the next day. (grilled chicken/salmon veggies, zucchini noodles)

Option 5. Green juice and nuts. When I’m trying to detox or cleanse or want to make sure I’m getting enough veggies, I’ll make or buy a cold press juice and chug it for lunch.


Zuccini noodles are a very healthy alternative to pasta

Zuccini noodles are a very healthy alternative to pasta


So, I don’t have a lot of time to cook and prepare diner. But these are my staple go-to on rotation in my household. I always add kimchi or sauerkraut for extra probiotics which help the gut heal and help your food digest better. (If you’re interested in any particular recipe, let me know and I’ll send them to you)

Option 1: Grilled salmon & Brussels sprouts, mixed veggies and kimchi. I love this dish because it’s full of healthy veggies and lean protein.

Option 2: Bison burger with sweet potatoes fries, and sauerkraut. For days when you’re want something more hearty and rich. Be sure to bake your sweet potato fries.

Option 3: Chicken lettuce wraps, miso soup,and kimchi. When you’re craving Asian; this probiotic rich meal is lean in fats and full of protein.

Option 4: Chicken Bone broth, mixed green salad, and kimchi. I make bone broth at least one time per week especially during winter months when it’s cooler. It’s full of collagen, lysine, glycine, protein and minerals which have many health benefits; especially great for healing the gut.

Option 5: Vegetable stir fry, brown rice and salmon, and kimchi. When I have extra time and I’m going for a meatless day, I’ll make this dish without the salmon and add tofu instead. Be sure to get gf soy sauce and gf teriyaki sauce.

Option 6: Grilled chicken, Sweet potato, and asparagus, and  sauerkraut. This dish is easy to prepare and great for leftover the next day.

Option 7: Zucchini  pasta with shrimp and kimchi. When I’m craving pasta, I’ll opt for this vs gluten-free pasta which is higher in carbs.

Option 8: Buffalo Meat loaf with mixed vegetables  sauteed in butter and sauerkraut. This is a good hearty meal, add a salad if you want to add more greens.

One of my favorite snacks; hummus with mixed veggies full of fiber and protein!

One of my favorite snacks; hummus with mixed veggies full of fiber and protein!

Colorful veggies & hummus; full of antioxidants, protein & fiber!

Colorful veggies & hummus; full of antioxidants, protein & fiber!


I recommend always keeping snacks on hand so you don’t splurge and eat things you shouldn’t. If you’re prepared, you’re more likely to eat and stay healthy. Preparation is a big part of eating clean and going gluten-free.

Option 1: Apple, Peaches, or any seasonal fruits.

Option 2: Nuts, although high in calories, you just need a handful to keep you satisfied.

Option 3: GF Protein bars like Think Thin, Luna, Lara and Kind Bars. Protein bars are usually high in calories, so eat half and save the other half for later.

Option 4: Greek yogurt/kefir. If you’re not dairy in tolerant try it. It has high amounts of protein and probiotics which will help your digestion.

Option 5: Beans sprouts. My husband loves this plain by the handful!

Option 6: Sweet Peppers and hummus. I love snacking on this while making diner. It give me the kick I need to satisfy my craving because of the protein, fiber and antioxidants all in one!

Option 7: Celery and avocado dip. I love this fiber rich snack as well, I serve it to my guests all the time when I have people over.

Option 8: Dates and coconut . This is a great healthy fat and fiber boost. I eat dates almost every day, it helps me stay regular.

Option 9: Almond butter and prunes. It may sound weird, but this combo is full of protein,fiber and healthy fats to keep you going.

Option 10: Nuts & Berries. One of my all time favorite mixes, just enough sweetness and fiber from berries with crunchiness and fat from the nuts!

Option 11: Kale chips. These are great but store bough can be full of sodium so make these are home with olive oil, sea salt and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for a little kick.

Sample Grocery List:

Ideally you want to buy organic and non-gmo products as much as you can. You can always refer to the Clean 15 and Dirty dozen if you have any questions.


GF, nitrite free Turkey bacon

Organic steel cut oatmeal

Quinoa flakes

GF brown rice cereal

Raw vegan low carb brown rice or split pea protein powder (ex. Garden of Life Raw Protein )

Berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries)

Fruits (seasonal-apple, pears, peaches, watermelon etc)

Veggies: (celery, sweet peppers, cauliflowers, kale, brussle sprouts, asparagus, zucchini, mixed salad, celery, avocados)

Brown Rice or Quinoa

Organic, Free Range Chicken legs (for bone broth)

Ground chicken/turkey( for lettuce wraps)

Bison burgers or turkey burgers

Grass fed Buffalo meat for meatloaf

Organic, Free Range organic Chicken breasts

Wild caught salmon

Shrimp, peeled and deveined

Hummus (or you can make your own with garbanzo beans, tahini & olive oil)

Mixed raw nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans)

Raw organic Almond butter

GF organic brown rice cakes

Bean sprouts


Full fat greek yogurt



Almond, coconut or Cashew Milk

GF Protein bars (lara, luna,Think thin, atkins etc, Cliff)

coconut oil, olive oil and organic grassed butter (to cook with)

Hope you enjoy this ideas. Keep me posted on your progress and good luck! Can’t wait for you all to feel the difference once gluten has been eliminated. Dr. B

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