Sacred temples in Bhaktapur ruined by the Earthquake

Sacred temples in Bhaktapur ruined by the Earthquake

By now many of you know Nepal has been devastated by a massive 7.9 earthquake April 25,2015  as well as aftermath leaving over 2500 people dead and many more injured.  It is going to take a long time for Nepal to recover and recuperate from this destruction. Centuries of history and temples have collapsed because of this natural disaster. Many organizations and countries have all been sending aid to help with this rescue but Nepal still needs more help!

Nepal is personally close to my heart because I spent over 2 weeks there last year with my younger brother and his friends during a medical mission to a small town, Jhor, outside of Kathmandu. It was a very gratifying experience. I had been on numerous medical missions in the past in residency, but this was the first time I was an attending physician. I was a week out of graduating my family medicine residency when I decided to take this venture on. I got to do all the things I loved, teaching students, educating patients and taking care of the beautiful elderly, men, women and children in this small town. I made many friends with who I’m still in contact with today.  During the last couple days since the news of the earthquake I have been very heartbroken, feeling a part of me has gotten lost with this earthquake. Fortunately, most of the people I have had contact with are all safe and sound, but the devastation and destruction is real and will only get worse with time. Infections will increase 10 fold, sanitation will get worse and many people will be left without homes and injuries left to suffer. A week from now, the world will be focused on other news forgetting the Nepali people.

I know it’s not practical for me to go to Nepal right now to serve like my heart and soul wants me to.  So, I have been researching other opportunities on how to help and give back to this beautiful country. I know there are numerous organizations who are accepting donations but I also know it’s hard to trust all of them. Unfortunately Nepal’s government doesn’t always have good intentions.

My best friends Anjali Srivastava and I have teamed up to start a gofundme project so we can personally collect money for medical supplies and medicine to give to the hospitals in Nepal.  This way we know where exactly the money is going go and into who’s hands.  We have no affiliations with anyone or any religious organizations other than a Medical supply company who is willing to help us. It’s going to take many years for Nepal to recover and we hope we are in the forefront during this recovery process.

Any donation and support will be appreciated during this time. Nepal needs your help! Please click the link below for more information and know exactly where your money is going.

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