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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with these Tips!

Avoid Holiday Weight gain with these tips! As fall and holiday season is upon us, this is the time when many patients tend to pack on the lbs from Halloween candies to large thanksgiving family meals with holiday parties and booze, desserts and carb loading galore. This is also the time when [...]

Vegetarians are not always Healthier!

How to be a healthy Vegetarian! I was vegetarian for four years of my life during high school and couple years of college. I was the unhealthiest I've ever been. I was overweight, fatigue, had brain fog, and hormonal imbalance. I was eating horribly but I didn't know [...]

5 ways to improve your Blood Pressure Naturally!

  How to improve your blood pressure naturally According to the New 2017 guidelines by 9 different organizations, including the American Heart Association, blood pressures parameters have now all changed! Stage one blood pressure was  once diagnosed at 140/90, but now stage one hypertension will be diagnosed earlier at 130/80 affecting more [...]

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