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Take Control of your Life with these small shifts

Take control of your life with these small shifts. Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression are about 2/3 office visits many provider see  due to  stressful job, lives, relationships etc. Why is that? Learn how to manage chronic stress with these small shifts!    

Signs and symptoms of Zinc Deficiency and what to do about it!

Shellfish like crab is an excellent source for zinc! Zinc is a vital micro nutrient for many that is often overlooked by many. Zinc supports numerous enzymes in the body, strengths the immune system, helps with wound healing, synthesis of dna, normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood as well as adolescence. Learn to [...]

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5 ways to manage your Chronic Stress

Learn to deal with Chronic stress before it start causing other medical ailments!   Many people suffer from chronic stress. In fact, we all deal with some sort of stress every day. The problem with stress becomes how well do you manage it? Here are 5 fullproof way to manage your chronic stress!   [...]