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Feeling Groggy? Experts Share How To Beat It (Without Coffee)

photo credit: cesa lojosa from my heart / von Herzen via photopin (license) Having a great morning routine is so important to set the precedent for your day. Not everyone does well with caffeinated products but often times we find ourselves groggy and tired and needing to wake up. So what do [...]

The 5 Most Important Things to Ask Your Doctor When You Turn 65

photo credit: byronv2 park life via photopin (license) Prevention is very important as many people age. Even more important during this pandemic because people are neglecting their health, skipping their physicals because they are afraid of the pandemic. That being that, that is actually not a good thing because physicals are preventive [...]

Colon Cancer Risks & Prevention

    photo credit: dundeetilt Damaged Esophagus with Acid reflux via photopin (license) Early detection of certain cancers is very important. Even more so now since Chadswick Boseman's passing, more people are concerned about Colon Cancer prevention and detection. Check out Dr. Bindiya as she discusses signs, symptoms and early detection with [...]

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