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The Safest Ways To Date Right Now, According To An M.D.

photo credit: shixart1985 Cookies, fresh orange juice, coffee and croissant on wooden and rustic table. via photopin (license) There are a lot of questions in regards to dating, what is safe and what is not. Check out Dr. Bindiya's interview with MBG in regards to how to date safely during COVID-19. The [...]

The Long and Winding Fertility Pathway: Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

Fertility doesn't have to be a struggle For those curious about enhancing your fertility of having issues with it, Check out Dr. Bindiya on The Alternative MD Podcast discussing everything fertility related! The Long and Winding Fertility Pathway: Dr. Bindiya Gandhi Topics include: A Doctor’s path with infertility The causes of infertility The [...]

Dr. Bindiya Talks about intimacy During the Quarantine

photo credit: Artem Beliaikin Honeymoon hands on the tropical lake background. Bali island. via photopin (license) Curious how COVID-19 can affect intimacy. Check our Dr. Bindiya's interview with the Daily Mail about it! Dr. Bindiya Talks about intimacy During the Quarantine

Should you make your own Hand sanitizers?

photo credit: spurekar Aloe Vera via photopin (license)   With a hand sanitizer shortage, everyone is freaking out and trying to make their own. But read this before you do so! If You've Been Googling DIY Hand Sanitizers, Here's What You Need to Know About Making Your Own

Should Schools Close for Coronavirus (COVID-19)? 5 Expert Opinions.

photo credit: davidstewartgets Abc books chalk chalkboard - Credit to via photopin (license) At this point everyone is concerned about how whether school should be closed and how this will affect children, our health and recovery. Check out what Dr. Bindiya and a few other experts as they weigh in on [...]

health Is It Safe to Date During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Experts Explain

  Dating During COVID-19 can be scary to navigate. Check out What Dr. Bindiya tells BestLife on how we need to get back to the basics so we can still continue emotional connection. Is It Safe to Date During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Experts Explain

What To Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet, According To An MD

photo credit: colindunn Vitamin Packaging via photopin (license)   While Everyone is freaking out about what to do about COVID-19, here are some things for you to keep at home just in case you need it. Like always, please discuss these with your doctor to make sure these are appropriate for you. [...]

How To Support People In Health Care Working During Coronavirus

  photo credit: davidstewartgets Face masks on white background - Credit to via photopin (license) Health Care workers are at the front line taking care of patients with Coronavirus. How can you help and support them during this time, not only to staying healthy but ensuring their needs are met during [...]

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Clean Plates Academy

photo credit: davidstewartgets Colorful sliced pizza - Credit to via photopin (license) Are you needing a reset? Learn how to lose weight, gain more energy and feel your best everyday! Clean Plates Academy is just for you! Endorsed by Leading Experts like Oprah, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mark Hymen and many more. [...]