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The Best time to take Hemp according to your needs

photo credit: Jurassic Blueberries Cannabis Pandemic - 2020 via photopin (license) Many people take hemp for various medical reasons but are not sure what time of day to take it and how. Dr. Bindiya discusses this in detail with Mindbodygreen. The best time to take hemp according to your needs!    

Is there such thing as taking too many probiotics?

  photo credit: Chiot's Run Making Traditionally Fermented Pickles via photopin (license) Where can you get get probiotics? How much should you take and are you taking too much? All these questions are more are answered by Dr. Bindiya and leading integrative & functional medicine experts to MindbodyGreen. Are you taking too [...]

Men’s Health Awareness

  photo credit: ANDI2.. Love fruit........................ via photopin (license)   June is Men's Health Month and there is so many important things to discuss when it comes to Men's health from a prevention standpoint. Check out what Dr. Bindiya discusses with Bloom TV about Men's health The Doctor is In [...]

Do Bananas Make You Poop Or Cause Constipation? Experts Weigh In

photo credit: Thomas Hawk You See via photopin (license) Are bananas good for you? When should you eat them, when they are ripe or when they are green? So many questions? Check out with Dr. Bindiya tells Mindbodygreen as when to eat what type of bananas and why! Do Bananas Make You [...]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

photo credit: Self-Care via photopin (license) Dr. Bindiya was interviewed by Bloom Tv's Carissa Galloway on some tips on how to keep your Mental Health in Check especially during this time. May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

How Jaw Tension Can Lead To Headaches & What To Do About It

photo credit: tudedude Migraine - It's doin me ead in via photopin (license) Everyone's tension and stress is high right now and everyone shows it differently. See how stress can lead to tension headaches and what you need to do about it. How Jaw Tension Can Lead To Headaches & What To [...]

Which Probiotics Support Immunity? Functional MDs Explain

photo credit: seanduckmusic VITAMINS final 44 via photopin (license) Probiotics are important for many things especially gut health. Well many people by now are aware of the gut and immune system link. That being said it's not only important to have a healthy gut during this pandemic but it's important to take [...]

How To Store Your Probiotics For Ultimate Gut Health Benefits

photo credit: JeepersMedia Kombucha, Health-Ade, via photopin (license)   There are a lot of questions when it comes to probiotics and gut health. How to store them, how much to take, when to take them and more! Check out what Dr. Bindiya discusses with Mindbodygreen. How To Store Your Probiotics For Ultimate [...]