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6 Ways to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease through a Healthier Lifestyle

Alzheimer's Disease can be prevented with lifestyle modifications including sleep, diet, exercise, meditation to name a few! Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an unfortunate disease that many people face and deal with. It is not only hard for the patients but also family members involved. Alzheimer’s is the most common cognitive declines and form [...]

How to start Detoxing right this year!

  How do you detox? Cleansing your kidney is one way to ensure you are getting a total body detox!   Detoxing is all the rage these days. Everyone is doing some sort of detox: apple cider vinegar detox, juice detox, no meat/fasting January detox, whole 30 detox to name a few. Many [...]

Eat Healthy for Less this year!

Farmer's Markets' are great places to check out for local, economical, healthy foods! Eating healthy can be hard, frustrating and expensive according to many of my patients. They are always asking me for tips on ways they can save money but still eat organic, Non-GMO, less processed, fresh whole grains, vegetables and fruit. [...]

How getting a puppy really helped me grow this last year!

The little guy that has changed my life; Pyrite Gandhi! Pets are not just adorable creatures that people play with; they are actually very therapeutic to people. Reports show that "man's (or women's) best friend" may actually help people live longer because they bring joy to our lives by decreasing cortisol (stress hormone) [...]

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5 ways to whiten your teeth naturally!

  Whitening my teeth with activated charcoal   Have you over-bleached your teeth s0 they could be sparkling white like I have and now have incredibly sensitive teeth? Well, there's more to whitening your pearly whites than toxic chemicals that can damage your enamel and your gums! Read ahead to learn 5 ways to [...]

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The Surprising Reasons You Get Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles (And 5 Quick Fixes)

  Ever want to know why your eyes are puffy and why you have dark circles? Well, there are many reasons that could be causing it. Learn how to get rid of puffy eyes are dark circles naturally!   cucumbers have great astringent and cooling properties which do wonders for reducing puffy, tired eyes! [...]

Get ready to Fall into Winter Detox!

Fall has officially started this year and the air is crisp and cool. As seasons change, this is the perfect time to start new routines and incorporate healthier options in your schedule. An Epsom salt bath is a great way to detox and get rid or impurities, toxins and metals that you may accumulate [...]

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Every Bride’s Guide before her wedding!

I recently got married a few months ago. Well, without the help of our vendor friends, and family we would not have made it through. I have been getting asked how I made it through such a stressful time working full time and planning my wedding and remaining sane. Below are the things I did [...]

5 ways to Boost your Performance this Summer

Everyone is always looking for ways to be better and improve their performance whether it is for their career/work goals, mentally, physically or in their relationships. These are the most recent evidence based studies I have found over the last few months which will help you do just that! Incorporate one at a time or [...]