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What To Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet, According To An MD

photo credit: colindunn Vitamin Packaging via photopin (license)   While Everyone is freaking out about what to do about COVID-19, here are some things for you to keep at home just in case you need it. Like always, please discuss these with your doctor to make sure these are appropriate for you. [...]

How To Support People In Health Care Working During Coronavirus

  photo credit: davidstewartgets Face masks on white background - Credit to via photopin (license) Health Care workers are at the front line taking care of patients with Coronavirus. How can you help and support them during this time, not only to staying healthy but ensuring their needs are met during [...]

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Clean Plates Academy

photo credit: davidstewartgets Colorful sliced pizza - Credit to via photopin (license) Are you needing a reset? Learn how to lose weight, gain more energy and feel your best everyday! Clean Plates Academy is just for you! Endorsed by Leading Experts like Oprah, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mark Hymen and many more. [...]

Does stress trigger complications? Listed below are three characters + how one can zap them

Lotus pose with calms the mind and helps you get into meditation. How is stress triggered and what are the complications? Check out Dr. Bindiya Gandhi's interview regarding this. Does stress trigger complications? Listed below are three characters + how one can zap them

The Best Ways to Practice Self-Care While Social Distancing

  photo credit: Casa rural La Calma Relax & Wellness Centro Wellness La Calma - Tratamiento Holístico via photopin (license) What is the best way to practice Self care while Social distancing. Check out what Dr. Bindiya Gandhi as well as leading experts in Integrative Health including Light Watkins, Dr. Frank Lipman [...]

3 Signs your headache is from Stress and what to do about it!

  photo credit: JoanDragonfly Migraine Triggers via photopin (license) When does stress cause headaches and what to do about it? Check out Dr. Bindiya's interview in Mindbodygreen what to look out for and what her tips for preventing stress headaches are. 3 Signs Your Headache Is From Stress & What To Do About [...]


Lemon mint infused water recipephoto credit: Rawpixel Ltd Lemon mint infused water recipe via photopin (license) Are you curious what happens when you cheat on the weekends and how it may affect your health? Check out this well + good article and what Dr. Bindiya has to say about this latest study. HOW [...]

4 tips for Taking control of your health this New Year

photo credit: jason.murugesu 513986542 via photopin (license)   If you haven't listened to the MindBodyGreen podcast with Dr. Bindiya, no worries. Check out this synopsis on how to take your health back in the New Year!A Doctor's 4 Tips For Taking Control Of Your Health In The New Year [...]